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Integrative Bodywork

Massage Therapy is a form of health care that promotes well-being through hands-on manipulation of soft tissue.  

Muscular therapy is the foundation of my training. It is a massage therapy modality rooted in Swedish massage that applies a technical focus on muscular structure and movement to address a client's individual needs. To treat chronic tension and stress, a muscular therapist applies a combination of massage techniques at various speeds, pressures and rhythms.

I have combined my muscular therapy training along with training in Thai massage, myofascial therapy, sports massage, reiki and cranio sacral therapy, yoga, nutrition and breath work to create Integrative Bodywork Sessions.

During these sessions, I encourage interactive healing by teaching clients self-care techniques.  These techniques can help to prolong the effects of a session, increase self-awareness and empower clients with the ability to recognize and remediate chronic tension patterns. 

Benefits of Integrative Bodywork


  • Increases awareness of stress and pain patterns​

  • Enhances sensitivity to mind-body connection

  • Promotes awareness of posture and movement in daily activities


  • Relieves muscle tension and stiffness through improved circulation of blood and lymph

  • Reduces muscle and joint pain through nerve and endorphin stimulation

  • Promotes deeper and easier breathing

  • Improves posture and flexibility


  • Reduces anxiety

  • Enhances overall relaxation

  • improves mental alertness and clarity

  • Improves ability to monitor stress signals and respond appropriately

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